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Wouldn't it be great if everyone in the company were singing from the same hymn sheet? Better still - what if the song were written by the entire organisation?

Hoshin Kanri also known as Hoshin Planning or Policy Deployment originated in Japan in the 1960's but is based upon the US Management by Objectives and the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) improvement cycle. Hoshin Kanri provides a planning, implementation and review process for managed change (Akao, 1991) with the aim of aligning strategy and daily operations through total employee participation to achieve business objectives and breakthrough improvements.

Hoshin kanri - a participative way of quality management in Japan (pdf 87 kb)
Written by Yoshio Kondo Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University the paper first appeared in The TQM Magazine in 1998 and describes the essential steps of "hoshin kanri", or policy management as practised in Japanese companies...
MCB University Press

From Vision to Action: Taking Policy Management to the Work Group Level (pdf 108 kb)
Even though strategic planning has been around for most of this century, few organizations really use it to plant and nurture the seeds of tomorrow's success. They are continually drawn to the demands of the present and unfortunately, ignore the requirements of the future. This presentation covers strategic planning using an approach called policy management. This approach ensures that a customer-oriented vision is developed and that daily activities are linked to breakthrough strategies to ensure the organization realizes its vision. Its success in helping firms to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace has been proven in a variety of industries...
Lori Silverman Partners for Progress

Strategic Planning With the Hoshin Process
In today's business environment, any organization that wishes to exceed customer expectations and stay competitive needs a long-range strategic plan. This plan must be forward-looking, visionary and achievable, while at the same time striving toward continuous improvement of the organization's key business processes. The organization must, in effect, keep "both hands on the wheel" to move forward successfully. The hoshin strategic planning process in use at Hewlett-Packard Co. has been highly successful in meeting these requirements...

Further reading

Juran's Quality Handbook

Juran's Quality Handbook: Fifth Edition
Joseph M. Juran, A. Blandford Godfrey

Juran's epic, now in it's fifth incarnation is the only text a quality professional will ever need. The all time classic reference manual has constantly been updated over the years and covers a vast array of subject matter in 1,872 glorious pages. Chapters are authored by a global team of industrial experts including Yoshio Kondo who discusses Hoshin Kanri in chapter 41 'Quality in Japan'.

Buy Uk Buy US  

Hoshin Kanri: Policy Development for Successful TQM
Yoji Akao

Hoshin Kanri: Policy Development for Successful TQM

An introduction for managers of western companies to a Japanese approach to strategic planning and quality improvement. Describes the processes involved, the relationship to other control activities, case studies of implementation, and a history of development.

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Total Quality Engineering
US website providing Hoshin products, training and information including an excellent history and overview of Hoshin Kanri and white papers. Best of all is the introductory presentation by TQE's President, Pete Babich...

Centre for Quality Management
Dozens of papers including some on Hoshin Management including: The Principles and Practice of Hoshin Management in TQM...

Enterprise Resource Planning and Hoshin Kanri
Management Coaching and Training Services (MCTS) are a US consulting firm specialising in the design, development, and implementation of Profit-Ability Improvement Strategies...







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