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Towards a global cyber institute – Part 2.
By Allan J. Sayle, President Allan Sayle Associates

Local national interests

There seems no reason why the new Institute cannot set up sub-sites or threads dealing exclusively with local, national matters. A page for the Brits, one for the Norwegians, one for India, one for China, or Singapore, or Brazil, or Egypt, or Australia etc. Each could have its own moderator working in accordance with the Institute protocols and rules.

What is important is that regardless of where the main host site is situated, say, in America or India the new Institute is not regarded as a primarily single nation endeavor. One of the Cove’s and Saferpak’s strengths is the participation of so many non-Americans and non-Brits: all are welcome and all given equal respect. Such values must continue and prevail. Jingoism and petty nationalism can have no place in a global Institute.

And, simply because the Institute works primarily through cyberspace, there is no reason why local people cannot run face-to-face meetings which could be promoted on the Institute’s site by means of newsletter or equivalent and reported on in the same way. Setting up such an institute does not mean face-to-face events need be a thing of the past: far from it.

Local meetings

Many ASQ sections have web sites. Problem with most section meetings is they tend not to be well attended: 10% of local membership is often regarded as a good turnout. The topics might appeal to a few and are insufficiently wide ranging. The new Institute can also have local sections and host their own chat rooms. The Elsmar Cove, for example, is an incessant section meeting.

Naturally, if locals wish to foregather in a pub, hotel, café or whatever at regular intervals or whenever, there is nothing to stop them. And is it not a saving that instead of one’s institute HQ demanding money for a list of one’s section members, that would be for free as all would be on the database? The members could opt out of notification, adverts, flyers and so forth, thereby knowing their names and details are not being distributed or sold and their privacy will not be intruded upon if they so wish. Privacy already exists at the Cove and Saferpak if you choose. From my experience BAMs take scant notice of my preferences not to receive solicitations and junk mail at my home or office.

The possibility of ad-hoc face-to-face meetings is also greater. Place a post, state the time, place and topic. Visiting from out of town on business, doing an audit, assessing a supplier, don’t want to be hotel-bound? No problem. Post where you will be, meet up, enjoy a drink and chat together. That is real networking and it is already happening.


The Cove and Saferpak both use English as the prime language for communications. But, there really is no reason why national moderators should not also encourage threads in local languages. However, the moderator would need to be fluent in English as well and ensure the Institute’s rules for conduct, courtesy, libel and so forth are adhered to.

Moreover, in posting an article in the Institute’s Reading Room or Library, the author might be required to give permission for it to be translated into other languages solely for posting on the Institute’s site while retaining copyright.



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